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Following on from the Sherry Turkle TED talk on the post below, I stumbled across this article. Touching on similar themes, it questions our relationship with technology and how it can be used most productively - which sometimes may mean disconnecting from it and finding more of a balance…


I saw this TED talk “Connected, But Alone” by Sherry Turkle a few weeks ago. I’ve been holding off posting it until I find ample time to write some in depth thoughts, as it made me think so much!

Unfortunately I’ve still not found time but thought it’s a shame if I don’t post it and share because of that reason. It’s a very interesting take on our relationship with technology now and how this may change our future connections with each other and the world around us. I read her book “Life On A Screen” over 10 years ago when I was studying my arts degree and it had a profound effect on my final projects and exhibitions.

This video is well worth a watch and it’s inspiring to see Sherry Turkle is still challenging us with her thoughts.